My Story

I am a trained physicist with a Ph.D. from Rutgers University. I conducted research in condensed matter physics, described ferroelectric materials in bulk, thin-film and nanostructure geometries using a combination of numerical and analytical techniques. As a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University, I characterized electronic properties of nitrogen- and boron-doped graphene. I modeled nanomaterials using software simulation packages. I collaborated with other scientists, presented at conferences and published results of my work in top peer-reviewed scientific journals.

I have a passion for education. I have been teaching physics, chemistry and math classes at regular, advanced and honors levels, and worked with talented high school students since 2001. At Rutgers, I taught general physics recitation and laboratory classes and worked with undergratuate students. As a faculty at New Jersey Institute of Technology, I taught multiple mathematics classes, including calculus, mathematics of finance, statistics and probability. I managed anywhere from 10 to 60 students per class, created syllabi, teaching materials, exams, assigned homework, quizzes, and final grades.

I am currently a data scientist working for Prudential Financial in Newark,NJ. I address business needs and deliver solutions that maximize business impact in a variety of insurance products, using advanced quantitative, analytical, and statistical methods. I am in charge of developing machine learning models using tools such as Python, R, SQL, SAS and preparing and presenting written and verbal reports to business partners.