My Story

I am a trained physicist with a Ph.D. from Rutgers University. I conducted research in condensed matter physics, described ferroelectric materials in bulk, thin-film and nanostructure geometries using a combination of numerical and analytical techniques. As a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University, I characterized electronic properties of nitrogen- and boron-doped graphene. I modeled nanomaterials using software simulation packages. I collaborated with other scientists, presented at conferences and published results of my work in top peer-reviewed scientific journals.

I have a passion for education. I have been teaching physics, chemistry and math classes at regular, advanced and honors levels, and worked with talented high school students since 2001. At Rutgers, I taught general physics recitation and laboratory classes and worked with undergratuate students. As a faculty at New Jersey Institute of Technology, I taught multiple mathematics classes, including calculus, mathematics of finance, statistics and probability. I managed anywhere from 10 to 60 students per class, created syllabi, teaching materials, exams, assigned homework, quizzes, and final grades.

Recently, I’ve got involved in data science work. Please check some of my projects here, or here. I have used data acquisition, cleansing and visualization tools, machine learning, predictive modeling and cloud computing (e.g., AWS). I use R, Python, or SQL.